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Release Date: 14 August 2020 (USA)
Rating: 8.1

Year    :   17 August 2020 (USA)
By   :   United States of America
Directed by   :   Ric Roman Waugh
Genre   :   Action, Thriller
Duration   :   2h 29min
Budget   :   $90 million
Screenplay by   :   Chris Sparling
Writers   :   Chris Sparling
Stars   :   Morena Baccarin, Gerard Butler, Scott Glenn, David Denman, Brandon Quinn, Andrew Bachelor, Claire Bronson, Gary Weeks, Gary Weeks
Distributed by   :   Anton, G-BASE, Riverstone Pictures
Age   :   18+

Greenland 2020 Watch Full Movie Online or Download HD Film on Your PC, TV, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, tablet and Get trailer, cast, release date, plot, spoilers info. 'Greenland', film directed by Ric Roman Waugh an apocalyptic action-drama film that brings together Gerard Butler (Leonidas, in "300"), Morena Baccarin (also known for her role in "Deadpool") and even Scott Glenn ("The Silence" of the lambs "). Come on, with this cast we have no doubt that "Greenland" will feature a large number of epic scenes (and battles) and plenty of action. In addition the film has the script made by Chris Sparling (known for "Buried), from which we expect a dramatic touch, and Ric Roman Waugh (" Objective: Washington DC "). This film has all the keys to be a perfect thriller about the "end of the world". "Greenland" begins with a comet (the largest in history, to be exact) that will impact the earth and that will annihilate all humanity. But hey, rest assured: countries organize a raffle in which the participants are rewarded with a stay in bunkers in Greenland where they can survive (or at least have that possibility). However John (played by "Gerard Butler") "gets out of the way" and runs away from the Chaos caused by undertaking a dangerous plane trip with his family, in search of a possible safe haven.

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.9

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